Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2017

Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2017. When it comes to 2017, we might say that it was a thin year to Xbox exclusives at all but it is not over friends. There are plenty of amazing Xbox free games with gold November 2017 that are yet to be released to add taste this time of the year. Along with the games we are yet to see the most powerful gaming console on its way the Xbox One X that might give a little boost to the games you have played before on your Xbox console. So without further wasting your valuable or whatever time, let’s dig some upcoming Xbox one games in November coming right on our way.

Xbox Free Games with Gold November 2017

Call of Duty World War II

Yes what could be better than the iconic series of the famous developers like sledgehammer and Activision? Call of Duty Word War II gives you a chance to step back into the history where there are no rules to survive. From the first half of the 2017 we have been highly visualized cinematic trailers of the game that confirms one thing that this time it is something seriously amazing than before. From the past COD game developer has learned a lot and this time you will see those improvements in the game yourself. With different campaigns across the world along with the Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies Co-Op mode this game will be definitely everyone favorite on the list.

Need for Speed Payback

Yes it’s the payback time ladies and gentlemen. Wrap up your seat belts as this is something really fast and exciting from EA in the history of sports games. Need for Speed Payback is one of the best Xbox Free games with gold November 2017  that will throw the dirt on your TV screen from different tracks and environments. Game features highly intense missions to jaw dropping high stakes in the history of NFS. With Need for Speed back it’s not only about who finishes the cross line first, it’s about building your favourite ride and do whatever it takes to be on the top of the list. The story of the game is also very interesting in which there are three characters that set their vengeance against the House that is a known cartel that owns most of the assets of the city. NFS Payback is not what you saw in the previous game this is something that will open a new world for you to explore what truly an underground racing game means to you.

Super Lucky’s Tale

Oh well what could be better than a game for all ages on the list of Xbox free games with gold November 2017. Super Lucky’s Tale is a very delightful game meant for people of all ages to play. The gameplay features Lucky, an optimistic and favourite hero who on his quest finds his inner strength and help his sister to recue from the book of ages. It is a game with amazing visual graphics and story line that will definitely test your skills and mental levels in a true way.

L.A Noire

L.A Noire is a re-mastered release of the original L.A Noire for Xbox One where you make your way from the Patrol Officer at LAPD to a detective handling high profile cases back in 1940’s. Playing as Cole Phelps who is a former US veteran your career in the game rises as you proceed through different missions to earn a name in LAPD by solving crimes and dealing with corrupt political personals. If you like to be a detective in your life just learn something from L.A Noire which is one hell of a detective thriller kind of game we recommend to you guys.

Sonic Forces

Yeah we know Sonic from the time we don’t know how to wash the back end of ourselves. Sega’s iconic little blue mascot is still capable of doing something good in the games. We hoped best for Sonic Forces and guess what? We saw something more promising this time. This game is more adventurous and more interesting like never before. The reason we included Sonic Forces in our Xbox free games with gold November 2017 is because it is something that will take you back in your old days but with stunning graphics and visuals you wanted to see in your old 2D kind of sonic.  With three different kind of distant stages or levels each having its own difficulties and challenges you will truly immerse in the gameplay. Definitely a game you should play with a kid at your home or else playing alone is enough to give you a tough time.

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