Xbox Free Games With Gold 2017-Way To Get Games For Free

Xbox Free Games With Gold 2017-Way To Get Games For Free. Microsoft has made an attempt through introduction of Gold games for countering the play station plus program of Sony. Through this attempt it provides free games to its members every month. This is Xbox free games with Gold 2017 program. Through this program, members who have subscribed for Gold, become eligible for receiving various free games available at Xbox store each month. Users of Xbox are worldwide and for their interest we have cataloged and archived Gold program games.

Way To Get Games For Free

Members of Gold are required to check Xbox marketplace or log-in their consoles and purchase free games during a point in the promotional period. These Gold games are exclusively for Xbox 360 as well as Xbox one. Normally, Xbox releases 4 games every month, each for 2 months approximately and 3 for one console. Each month, during 1st half, 2 games are made available whereas another 2 games are for the 2nd half. This release date is however, sometimes changed by the Microsoft. Sometimes Microsoft also releases 2 games in one month per platform. You are not required to download games during their availability period for getting these. What you are required to do is to complete at-least limit for free online purchase or through console for qualifying to get free games.This must be done within the promotional duration of a game as after it, this will expire and hence not available for free.If you want to get it after that, you will be required to pay price. If you have already purchased respective game, then free game is yours for indefinite period.

Xbox Free Games Available

Gold offers golden opportunity to get every month a package for free games. Members can get up-to $700 games for free each year during their membership. These games also include backward games that are Xbox 360 compatible for Xbox one. This is July that is nearly ending. During July, 2017 members of Xbox Gold live got free 4 new games 2 for Xbox 360 and 2 for Xbox one. These games were under Gold program. Those with the backward compatibility can play both of the Xbox 360 games on their Xbox one consoles.

Xbox Free Games For August With Gold

August is nearly beginning and same as previous months, box gold live members will be receiving 4 free games, all new. 2 of these will be for Xbox 360 and other 2 for Xbox one. All games are with the Xbox free games with Gold 2017 program. Same like July games, games of Xbox 360 can be played on the Xbox one if there is backward compatibility.

For Xbox one, Live Gold subscribers can download following;

  • Slime Rancher during August, 2017 ($19.99 ERP)
  • Trials Fusion from 16th f August to 15th of September

For Xbox 360, following games are available under Xbox free games with Gold 2017program;

  • Bayonetta from 1st August to 15th August ($19.99 ERP)
  • Armageddon from 16th August to 31st August (29.99 ERP)

So what are you waiting for, enjoy these excited brand new games for free by using your Gold membership.

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