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Xbox Live Gold Free Games September 2017. Xbox Gold Live comes under the premium tag of Xbox live servicing for both Xbox one & Xbox 360. Under this title you get eligible to play games online with other people and can also enjoy free games with advance access to the game demos. All you need to have is a subscription of Xbox Live Gold for one console on Xbox one. This subscription allows all family members to play in multiplayer mode using their individual accounts. As compared to this Xbox 360,subscription is separately required for each account. There is no blanket coverage like that of Xbox one.Here we are going to tell you a very interesting announcement by Xbox. This is about Xbox gaming pass that is recently launched. This is new digital membership that gives unlimited access for more than 100 games on Xbox one. It is also for games on Xbox 360 that are backward compatible. It allows users to enjoy games at lowest rate of only $9.99 USD each month. This pass is valid in 31 markets worldwide. Since its launch, fans have shown amazing reaction and get more engaged with these Xbox games.

Xbox Live Gold Free Games September 2017

Xbox is a committed gaming zone that aims at providing extra choices for diversifying and expanding games library of subscribers. This also allows discovering new experiences. When it comes to games, it is great as you can have more and more. Xbox understands the love of gamers for their games and hence introduces new games each month. This means in the upcoming month of September, you will be enjoying great new games at very less cost that seems to be negligible in comparison with actual cost of such games. These games will be available for free trial of 14 days from 1st of September. There are more than 100 games to enjoy. Have a look at some of these Xbox live gold free games September;


This is a definition edition of this game. This is the story of an ambitious and adventurous person that will make you go through 3 incredible companions. You will transverse dystopian far Eden. You will fight with multiple enemies and will complete various side quests. Other tasks include solving challenging puzzles with a marvelous 3D platform experience.

Metro: Lastly Light Redux

This game from Xbox live gold free games September 2017 is an extension of the fun that is post-apocalyptic. This fun will continue during the September month with metro. This game is like a true gem that will make you an addict within just 2 to 3 attempts.This game is about lastlight that will land in 2034 in the 2034. At that time and in that country you will be playing the character of Artyom. You will experience metro tunnels of Metro and will be combating hearty-mix of the mutant and human adversaries. This game encompasses strong blend of survival & strategy elements. This game is the classic sequel of classic FPS metro of 2033. You must not miss this chance to enjoy this game at very reasonable price.

Fable II

This is another game that will be coming to Xbox during the next month of September, 2017. This is indeed a legendary game that contains full action. It is published by the Microsoft studios. There are many choices for you to play this game. You can play game like a sparrow, female or male young child who is travelling to gain vengeance and get ready against evil Lucian.Theme of this game is designed so that you will combat your enemies. Find allies and complete multiple side-missions. You will become true hero while playing this game. Just be conscious and be ready to be a hero. This game has different modes including multiple and single player modes. So September this game will rock with this magical world of the Albion.

Ten Seconds Ninja X

This game requires skills, speed and accuracy to deliver lots of fun and much challenging tasks to the members with Game pass.It is based on a simple logic. It stats that your total time will be ten seconds along with a sword, 3 shurikens for completing 100 levels on this amazing platform.While playing, players will explore different paths for accomplishing objectives of each level. Unlocking costumes, gathering achievements and finding 9 collectables will be the main task from level one to level hundred. Each level has limited time of only 10 seconds but this is not a surprise because this time is enough.


This is another game from Curve Digital that will be available for those with game pass. This will be available from September. This is basically a puzzle game that is named on the name of main hero of the game. This hue is the hero who is struggling to bring colors to monochrome world & to solve mystery of her lost mother. He reads letters from her mother and learns controllingcolors that are unlocked progressively. He leverages those colors for solving challenging puzzles. This game is with such a unique & engaging artistic style which must be in your collection of free trial gams during September, 2017.

The Bridge

This is the last game from Xbox live gold free games September for brilliant minds.This is the right game for those who want more than a workout. It is for brilliant minds and is offered by Astrophysicists Guild. This is basically 2D puzzler that comes with lots of fun. It is a very engaging gamethat will make you think. It comes with theme of black & white artistic design.This game is like sketchbook of an artist with every puzzle that occupies single screen.Players will analyze all levels closely and they will decipher best path for completing levels. This game is tricky that will make you think logically and will also help you in succeeding in this game. You may need many attempts for solving all puzzles and completing this game.

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