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Xbox Live Vs Gold 2017. Every month, many gratis games are offered for downloading upon the Xbox one. There are also games that are offered for 360 Xbox users. These games do not limit to the time for their free offer but extend to the longer duration and yet users enjoy these again and again. All you need is to maintain your subscription with Xbox live. Games with the Gold promotion, get a catch as these are available for downloading only for few weeks and if you fail to get these during that free period, you won`t be able to get these again for free. Xbox live VS Gold seems to be 2 different things but these are the same and refer to the need for maintaining subscription of Xbox Gold live.Fortunately you have reached at the right planet because we got covered your concerns for this matter. There are many free games on Xbox gold that can be enjoyed for free during the month of August-17 across consoles of both Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

What Is There For You at Xbox Gold during August 2017

Slime rancher is the first game to mention that is released in first of august. This game will involve its players in wrangling & then raising different slime creatures. This all is done in an adventurous manner. So don’t let those cartoonish and cutesy creatures fool you and experience this game which can make you addictive to depth. This game might hit your mind if you are confused as thinking about Xbox live VS Goldbut font worry this game is free for Xbox live users.

Trials Fusion being the second game to mentionthat is available basically for 360 users. This game comes with flashier look that sends off motorbikes and makes players try harder for reaching their goals that encompass complex challenges. If you think that your friends will not be enough to help you out, you cancreate your personal courses as well. This game will be available for free from august 16, 2017 and will be available there till 15th of September, 2017.

Run bow  was launched on July 16 and still it can be downloaded till its ending of August 15. This speedy gameis about side scrolling racing that can get involvement of up-to 9 players till it finishes. Change of background colors is intriguing hook in this game along with change of obstacles and environment as the game progresses.

Intriguing hook at this point is that with the change in background color, the environments & obstacles also change. It was really appreciated when it was first released for Wii U, and we hope that equal fun would be here too.
Bayonetta is the last one for games of Xbox live VS Gold in the list that is about a slash and bizarre shooter who is the heroine of this adventure. She is the expert shooter who is sent to save the planet from destruction. Her hairs are also powerful like weapon plus she is extremely powerful herself. If you want to show your power, her character might help you.

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