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Xbox One Games For 7 Year Old . Xbox is a vast gaming platform with plenty of games in which most of them are designed for adults rated 16+ but that doesn’t mean that your little 7 year old kid will not get his or her hands on the Xbox Controller. So the question rises up that are there any Xbox One games for 7 year old out there to play? Yes! Whether your 7 year old kids loves action, sports, adventure or thriller games we got some best games for them that will not obviously limit you by saying 16+ or 18+ whatever. So you don’t have to worry about your 7 year old kid crushing the skulls and bleeding the whole LED screen while playing because you may not find violence stuff in such games which are designed for just kids. So here is the collection of games for your 7 year old with some basic info.

Xbox One Games For 7 Year Old

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

Well on the top of our list rest the favourite Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 which is the best Xbox One games for 7 year Old that is motion control based game. Fruit Ninja 2 can be played by the whole family as it is very friendly and love to play game. You will just have to buy your 7 year old kid a sensor bar that comes separate with Xbox One console. Players can hold the sensor bar in hand and move it in multiple directions to chop the fruits on game screen. During the gameplay there are bombs appearing on the screen that explode and destroy the falling fruits however there is no blood or violence. Some other features of playing this game is that Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 provides your kid a physical workout as well along with the fun and entertainment. A maximum of three players can join the game making it a social and fun to play at home with your family members and friends.

Peggle 2

If your kid loves puzzle games then Peggle 2 is one of the best puzzle games for the kids on Xbox One platform. Players has to make use of cannon to knock out the pegs along with the special abilities been attributed to them by the “Masters” in the game. One of the safest Xbox One games for 7 year old kid we recommend to the parents.

A Boy and His Blob

One of the best tale of teamwork and true friendship for the kids of 7 year old and plus that can be played on Xbox One platform. In concerns of violence in the game it is very rare or you might say not scary to have a negative impact on your kid. It is up to the player to care of the enemies using different shape of Blob. When the players encounters hazard or enemies in the game the music becomes emotional that may be a little too emotional for the young players seeing their character die but overall game is recommended for the kids to have fun.


Unravel is one the best graphical and adventure game for the kids. Hero or main character of the game is “Yarny” a red yarn who hates fighting or damaging his enemies makes it way out of the territories of enemies in a clever and strategic way. The enemies that kids will encounter during the gameplay are the crows and crabs mostly. Yarny gets damage from different situations in the game in which major damage is causes by electrocution, drowning or being crushed by the machinery. When Yarny gets damage he vanishes by emitting red dust in the air and the game starts from the nearby checkpoint. The story of the game is very beautiful as it allows the player to see different ages of life and strong bond between family members as the game progresses. Truly one of the best educational and adventure Xbox One games for 7 year old that parents will love to gift their kid.

NBA 2K14

If you are looking for a sports game and you have a kid who loves sports then nothing is better than NBA 2K14 to give your kids a start. With advanced graphics and zero violence content it is one of the best sports game for 7 year old kids. You don’t have to worry about any negative content in the game.  One of the best sports and professional Xbox One games for 7 year old you can ever get now days.

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