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Xbox One Games For Girls.Everybody has seen that when it comes to games the first thing that clicks in mind is a boy sitting in a messy room with a TV screen and hitting hard on that game controller. Well that’s a common notion that everybody believes that games are just meant for boys but we don’t think so because the girls also love playing games just as much as boys. Yeah we know that girls don’t have the same taste just like boys, sorry boys but this is something seriously meant for girls. So don’t worry girls as we have collected some Xbox One games for girls so that you can also give boys a tough time when it comes to gaming as they think you can only handle you makeup kits. So leave you makeup kits behind have a look on our list below.

Xbox One Games For Girls

Just Dance 2016

Everyone knows girls love dancing games and “Just Dance” is one of the best Xbox One games for girls that every girl loves to play. In Just Dance you just have to turn on the game and dance in for the popular music played in the background. But wait this time not with the Xbox controller! Yes Of course with the Kinect motion sensor that you will have to hold in your hand. The design of the game is simple all you have to do is to select the song in group or as a single person and follow the on screen movements having kinect in your hand and you are good to go. The game features songs from different genre which makes the players enjoy every turn they make in front of their TV.

Child of Light

One of the best games mean for the girl to definitely give a try. In Child of Light you play as Aurora, a girl character that makes her way through a dreamy world to make a reunion with her father. Within the gameplay allies and enemies will let you make your way through the world full of obstacles. As you proceed through different levels of the game you gain more power and skills along with extra points. The game features a total of 10 chapters and each chapter has its own unique relationship with the previous one. Believe me girls this is one hell of the Xbox one games for girls you will get stick to.


Well this is something good for the girls who love cooking because this game will test your cooking skills to high limits for sure. Most of the girls think that they are good at cooking and can manage very well in the kitchen. Overcooked is a game meant to play for maximum of 1-4 players at a time. Yeah girls you can bring you friends to cook with you as well. In the game you along with the fellow chefs have to prepare tasty and delicious meals to the customers before they move out. From chopping vegetables and fruits to washing dishing you and your fellow chefs have got a strict time to whatever it takes to complete the task assigned.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Yes every girl out there loves and knows Lara croft the main female character of the best series game. This time Lara has to explore the vast and wild regions of Siberia in order to find the truth about the immortality against enemy organization called “Trinity“. Within the game Lara has to use her survival skills and environment in order to survive the harsh hostile environment on earth. In this game not only the humans are your enemies but the wild life and protectors of the tombs are also a threat. You have to plan your every move or else it would be too late. In this game you can interact with nearly every object of the environment in order to kill or escape enemies. Graphics are stunning and this is the most famous Xbox One games for girls ever been out yet that covers every aspect to deliver an action, adventure, puzzle and strategic experience on a single platform.

Frozen Free Fall

Elsa from the favourite Disney movie Frozen is back but this time she is a part of the game that is truly meant for the girls. Frozen Free Fall is the game that features the famous characters from the movie Frozen. The game is free to play but there are some features that can be bought online once you play the game.  Frozen Free is a kind of match 3 type games we have seen before like Candy Crush and Puzzle bubble but with different game features and abilities. You have to remove all the obstacles or ice from the screen before time runs out.

So above are the 5 best Xbox one games for girls you can play and have fun as they are truly meant for the girls to give boys a tough time.

Xbox One Games For Girls FAQ:

Which are some xbox 360 games for girls?

Mass Effect 2: A shooter game with lots of character options, a fun and entertaining game.

Fallout 3: An amazing game with latest graphics.

Oblivion Elder Scrolls: A fun exhibiting game with interesting story

Which is the best xbox one game for females?

Stardew Valley is literally a beautiful piece of pixels especially for females. It’s a quite long game and feels like watching a movie.

How to download free xbox one games full version?

From the given link http://freegameswithgold.com/category/download-free-games/  you can download full version of free xbox one games.

Which is the best xbox one game for 4 years old?

Rocket League is considered to be the best for four years old. Banjo Kazooie and Conker are also suitable for them.

Which is the best xbox one game for 7 years old?

The Lego movie video is an amazing and enjoyable game for 7 years old kids with a lot of action and 3d platform. Banjo Kazooie is also thrilling for this age group. Skylander’s Superchargers with some latest graphics and figures are fantastic.

How to get a girlfriend on xbox live?

First make sure you have a live subscription.
Second make sure your game is xbox live compatible

Which are 3d games on xbox one?

Destiny-2, Tekken-7 and ‘What remains of Edith Finch’ are considered to be the best 3D games on xbox one.

Which is the best xbox one game for teens?

Monster Hunter World and Sea of Thieves are nowadays so popular in teens.

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