10 Xbox One tricks and hacks to get more out of the console

10 Xbox One tricks and hacks to get more out of the console

10 Xbox One tricks and hacks to get more out of the console. Over time, the Xbox One menus have evolved and added new features that may have gone unnoticed. We do a review of those tricks of the Xbox One menu that what you have probably never repaired but can make your life much easier with your console.

Xbox One and PS4 have been with us for a few years and the console menu has undergone changes to add new features. The PS4 dashboard has remained the same over the years ( although it has also added quite a few tricks and little-known options over time ), but the Xbox One has changed on different occasions adding new features and another design.

10 Xbox One tricks and hacks to get more out of the console

10 Xbox One tricks and hacks to get more out of the console

So that you have all the options you can control with your consoles, we leave you a guide with 10 tricks of the Xbox One menu that are most useful to take advantage of the options that the console gives us.

Quick menu

It may seem like a truism, but having the Xbox One quick menu controlled is the best you can do with the console . Pressing the ” Xbox ” button on the remote displays the quick menu based on tabs. Each one has a theme (achievements, multiplayer options, friends, initial menu with shortcuts, messages, options to capture and transmit and system options).

Add games to the menu

It is a recent option of the Xbox One menu very simple and useful. If we put “‘My games and applications” on any game and press the ” Options’ ‘button on the remote, a menu is displayed that allows us to perform different actions. One of them is ” Add to Brands ” . With this we will ensure that the games that interest us are always in the foreground in the dashboard of the console. A) Yes:

Xbox One tricks and hacks

Follow up on friends’ achievementsQuick menu

There are two ways to track achievements. If we have a friend that we want to have monitored (because we are chopped with him or her) , we can click on its icon and, through the menu ” Add to start ”, place a fixed tab to notify us of your activity. To do this, we have to go to the lower area of ​​the dash and click on ” See all suggestions ”. There we choose the option ” Contacts ” and select the desired one. It’s the same as adding a game to brands.

Another option is to add a game to start. In this way, instead of adding the game to brands, we put a giant tab on the dashboard of the console that warns us of certain milestones, as an impossible achievement.

Manage all the content of a game without entering the Store

Do you have a game with seasonal pass and different downloadable content? The fastest way to access this extra content is to place on the tab of the game in question, press the button ” Options ” (the three horizontal lines) and click on ” Manage game ”

There will appear a series of options and all the content list of that game (both the original game and the different DLC) that we have purchased.

Put your Xbox profile in private

It is not that you are antisocial, simply, you want to enjoy some little games in private talking with whomever you like or playing the campaign mode of a certain game without anyone inviting you to a party (or, worse, getting into a private conversation because yes).

If you open the quick menu and pass tabs to the left, until your player icon, you can access your profile. Once there, just go to the ” Show ‘ ‘ tab to choose one of the available options. You can always go back when you finish the game … or enjoy privacy. If you did not know this Xbox One trick , it is one of the most useful 🙂

Change the background

Why deny it, console funds are … boring. However, in Xbox One we have several options to customize it a bit . In the configuration menu of the console we have a tab called ” Personalization ” . If we choose it, we can select to change the color of the icons and the desktop background among different options, such as using a personalized image, the image of an achievement (quite cool) or a capture that we have taken.

We can also change the subject. The default is dark, but we can select the clear, like the one that had Xbox 360. Even, we can select that at night it is dark and, at certain times, clear.

Change the buttons on the remote

Without leaving the configuration of the console, we access the tab ” Kinect and devices ” . Here we have the option of ” Devices and accessories ” , which allows us to map any button of the command as we want. If you want to shoot with the digital buttons instead of with the triggers , you can do it and, in addition, always go back with the option of ” Restore command ” .

Change console notifications

In the configuration of the console, we have to go to ” Preferences ” and, there, we find the notifications tab. We have a wide variety of options to choose when and how the console bothers us when it notifies us something.

Rest of Xbox One

Xbox One and PS4 are very well designed and you can throw weeks at rest without turning off completely . In this mode, Xbox One turns on faster and, in addition, installs console updates and finishes downloading games and patches without consuming the same power as when it is fully powered.

Of course, if you do not have problems with the Internet line, you may want to turn off the console altogether to save a few euros on the electricity bill. The option is found in the configuration menu in the tab ” Energy and start ‘ ‘.

Set up Cortana on Xbox One

Finally, on Xbox One we have Cortana, the virtual assistant who helps us with certain tasks. We can use it if we have Kinect or with a headset and, to configure it, we must go to the tab ” System ” within the configuration of the console. There we find the ” Cortana Configuration ” menu , where we can choose the different actions with which this virtual assistant can give us a cable.

So far some of the best tricks of Xbox One , but surely there are many more. Help us to complete this list in the comments section and share with us those “corners” of the menu that we do not all know.



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